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Magnets for research applications

ASG is currently the largest European producer of magnets for particle accelerators and for applications for basic research in high-energy physics. From solenoids, dipoles and cyclotrons to the CMS and ATLAS detectors at Geneva's CERN as well as magnetic systems for the Katrin project.

The magnets designed and produced by ASG are testimony to the company's ability to concretely meet the needs of the research world. They have contributed to reaching important scientific goals, like - for example - the discovery of the Higgs Boson in 2012.

Thanks also to its continuous dialog with the main institutes and research centers - including ENEA, CNR, KIT, IPP, ITER and Fusion4Energy - ASG is able to offer support in designing magnets starting from the requested field specifications or in the optimization and industrialization of the existing design and can realize:

  • dipolar cos σ magnets;
  • dipolar “steering” magnets, both superconducting and copper;
  • superconducting and copper multipolar magnets for focusing particle beams;
  • detector magnets;
  • particle beams with characteristics specific to the experiment being considered.

ASG also carries out installations, on-site commissioning of built magnets and personnel training, offering its clients a complete service which ranges, therefore, from defining the specifications of the magnet to its operation, including maintenance.