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Superconductivity supply chain

The superconductivity supply chain

From superconductivity to research in the field of new materials to technology for magnets, ASG Superconductors is part of the Malacalza family’s high tech supply chain. This includes Paramed, known for its  “open” MRI machines (based on a unique magnet design and innovative diagnostic imaging solutions), and Columbus Superconductors, producer of an innovative superconducting cable in Magnesium diboride (MgB2).  Shareholders, managers, technicians and all the people who work at ASG Superconductors and in the controlled supply chain companies every day renew their commitment to increase productive capacity and technological skills, collaborating – in Italy and abroad – with the main scientific research institutes, first of all ENEA, INFN and CNR, and with sector’s market leaders. 

ASG Superconductors is a dynamic business reality, and a leading player on the international market of resistive and superconducting magnets for high-energy physics and thermonuclear fusion applications. Its competencies range from design and manufacturing, up to testing of complete superconducting magnet systems.

Recently ASG has undertaken a mission of diversification through its subsidiaries Paramed and Columbus Superconductors, by making a strong commitment to the field of biomedical applications (diagnosis and therapy) and in the design of magnetic systems for the energy sector (SMES, FCL, wind turbines, energy transport)


Columbus Superconductors is a company focused on the R&D and commercialization of new superconducting materials like MgB2.

Columbus has developed a proprietary method to manufacture MgB2 wires, in such a way that its products are mechanically robust, reproducible and low cost compared to the other HST currently developed in form of long conductors. The reliability of the MgB2 wires has been already demonstrated by the realization of a number of real-scale prototype devices, such as open-MRI systems, induction heaters, fault current limiters and numerous other magnets.


Paramed Medical Systems develops and produces open MRI systems with unique characteristics in terms of performance and patient comfort. Thanks to the synthesis of design and technology, Paramed offers advanced diagnostic imaging solutions that can create value for all those who operate in this sector. The company’s flagship product, MrOpen , is the only “open” superconducting MRI system, realizable thanks to the design of the magnet that allows for carrying out stress-load exams, which in turn offer patients the most comfort. Behind Paramed’s success is a team of professionals who bring together experience and competence with an authentic passion for the healthcare and magnetic resonance sectors and which every day work to serve technicians and patients.