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Magnets for nuclear fusion

The production of clean energy through nuclear fusion, which reconciles the energy needs of the modern world while safeguarding the environment, is a challenge that researchers and industries have been striving to meet.

The quality of ASG's nuclear fusion offering is the result of unequalled technical and productive expertise. ASG magnets have been used in all the main fusion experiments undertaken so far in Europe. ASG plays a leading role - as a supplier of magnets - in ITER (Europe) and JT-60SA (Japan), the two principal research projects which aim to study the feasibility of producing clean energy by replicating the process that takes place in the sun and stars.

For nuclear fusion ASG produces:

  • superconducting and resistive toroidal coils
  • superconducting and resistive poloidal coils
  • coils for divertors
  • Central SC and resistive solenoid coils
  • ELM coils
  • Stellarator coils
  • Gyrotron system coils.

ASG also develops prototyping and research and development activities aimed at evaluating the feasibility and/or characterization of materials or production processes.