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Magnets for medical applications

Superconducting technologies and magnets are increasingly finding application in medical diagnostics and therapies.

Over the past 10 years, ASG has invested and created true innovation through its subsidiaries Columbus Superconductors and Paramed Medical Systems. Columbus produces an innovative superconducting "high temperature" cable using the peculiar characteristics of magnesium diboride (MgB2), while Paramed operates in the healthcare sector for which it has realized an open, cryogen-free magnetic resonance system that reduces patients' sense of claustrophobia and allows for "load bearing "diagnostic analysis of patients.

Superconducting magnets are also used in hadron therapy and proton therapy for the treatment of numerous types of tumor. ASG supplied its magnets to the synchrotron at Pavia's CNAO as well as to the first of a series of synchro-cyclotron machines for IBA.

Capitalizing on skills and experiences derived from industrial collaborations, ASG is able to design and build the following types of magnets for medical diagnostics:

  • Magnets for “whole body” or dedicated systems
  • Standard and open sky magnets
  • “Zero-boil-off” or “cryogen-free” magnets
  • LTS and HTS technology magnets
  • Magnets for resonance systems with magnetic field values ranging from Tesla fractions to the ultra "high field"
  • Magnets in persistent LTS and HTS function 
  • Actively and/or passively shielded magnets

Furthermore, always for medical diagnostics, ASG designs and builds the following "whole body" superconducting magnet systems:

  • Cryogen free – gantry mounted -magnets apt to rotate around an isocenter in order to deliver IMPT/IMRT

In the medical therapy sector ASG designs and builds superconducting or resistive magnets for hadron therapy accelerators:

  • High-, medium- and low-energy beamline magnets for synchrotrons
  • Superconducting, cryogen-free or helium cooled magnets, either realized with LTS and HTS technology for cyclotrons and synchro-cyclotrons
  • Gantry mounted bending magnets for the delivery of particle beams.

Furthermore, ASG supports its clients in the definition and in the development of products through assistance in designing the magnet system, in prototyping and in product optimization.