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Keep abreast of the latest news from ASG Superconductors, including new developments, projects and events involving our products, technologies, technicians and managers.




ASG Superconductors has recently completed the manufacturing of an UHF – Ultra High Field 11.74T magnet system to become the tip of the spear of the research activities at the Gachon University Gil Medical Centre in Incheon sponsored by Ministry of Health ...



We wish to inform you that starting from November 1, 2018 ASG Superconductors will be organized in three operative units: Magnets & systems unit, Columbus MgB2 wire unit and Paramed MRI unit. The reorganization follows the merger by incorporation of the wholly-owned subsidiaries Columbus ...

New superconducting cable sets records for power transmission


La Spezia (Italy), 5th July 2018 – Today major cable and wire manufacturers, including Nexans and Columbus Superconductors, together with transmission system operators such as Terna and Réseau de Transport d'Électricité (RTE), disclosed ...

Webinar "Fault Current Limiting Technology & Applications"


The fault current limiter is a solution to the need of the utility networks to cope with the increasing production of energy from renewable sources, easing their connection in the network itself and reducing the risks associated with possible surge of faults. Free ...


Superconducting Fault Current Limiter System, Asg Superconductors awarded at Smau 2017


ASG Superconductors awarded at Smau 2017 in the Smart Community context - resources and services for new cities. The Malacalza family company, leader in superconducting magnets field, has designed and demonstrated the full functionality of an innovative superconducting fault current limiter device ...

ASG Superconductors awarded n. 3 scholarships to Electrical Engineering Course of University of Genoa


On September 5, 2017 at Villa Cambiaso, the best students of the first year (academic year 2016/2017) of the degree courses in Electrical Engineering University of Genoa have been awarded n.10 scholarships. ASG Superconductors awarded n. 3 scholarships under the framework agreement with a ...

ASG will attend the MT25 exhibition in Amsterdam


From the 27th August to the 1st of September, ASG superconductors and Columbus Superconductors will be exhibiting at MT25, the international conference and exhibition on magnet technology. ASG professional and technicians will contribute to the conference with three different poster ...

The process of assembling has started at the JT-60SA site


24 January 2017 With the placement of the first two, of the total 18, Toroidal Field (TF) coils in the tokamak, the complex process of assembling this magnet has started at the JT-60SA site in Naka, Japan. This is a major achievement resulting from a ...

JT-60SA: research excellence and Italian industry in Japan


The experimental reactor for nuclear fusion JT-60SA speaks italian. it will be completed in the next two years in Japan as part of the international research project Broader Approach. Today in Naka, 100 kilometers from Tokyo, the magnetic system assembly operations has been celebrated. It is the ...


The first JT-60SA coil arrived in Japan


The first JT-60SA superconducting coil TFC-01 manufactured by ASG Superconductors has arrived in Japan at Naka site.   Discover more about JT-60SA project www.asgsuperconductors.com/ReadNews.php?page_id=40&id_cat_voce=3&l=eng

The first ITER magnet in La Spezia


One of the largest and most complex magnets ever built in the world has come to the final stage of manufacturing, with the completion of the coil, in the factory of ASG Superconductors in La Spezia. A great history of scientific and industrial cooperation with more than 600 employees of 26 ...

Machines to discover - From the Higgs boson to the New Physics - video


ASG Superconductors has been the main sponsor of "Machines to discover - From the Higgs boson to the New Physics". Watch the video of the conference-show held on April 14th with the participation, among others, of Fabiola Gianotti General Director of CERN and INFN President Fernando ...

Huge superconducting magnets for ITER fusion reactor


17/03/2016   Powerful superconducting magnets being constructed for the ITER fusion reactor are proving to be some of the largest and most complex ever built.   Follow the link to read the ...

MPD Magnet for NICA project – JINR Russia


ASG has been awarded of a contract in the field of high energy physics for the construction of the MultiPurpose Detector Magnet for the NICA collider, that will be installed in the international research institute JINR in Dubna, Russia.

Transport Solenoid Magnet for Mu2e Project – Fermilab USA


ASG has been awarded of a contract in the particle physics field, for the  Transport Solenoid Magnets manufacturing  for Mu2e experiment Fermilab, USA


ASG on air on RadioRai


ASG guest of the show Eta Beta Radio Rai to talk about research and innovation and the project "superconducting wind generator" presented by Eng. Stefano Cuneo. The following link to listen ...

The first JT-60SA coil


The ceremony of the first coil of JT-60SA completion was held on September 29th  in the genoan headquarters of ASG Superconductors. ENEA with Commissioner Federico Testa  and Director of Fusion related activities Aldo Pizzuto, ASG shareholders ...

The new ASG Superconductors website online


The new ASG Superconductors website is online. Completely redesigned graphically and in its contents, it offers a rapid yet complete overview of the company, in Italian and English. Viewable and downloadable documents about all our activities are available in the “What we do” ...

10th April 2015


Work in progress in the La Spezia plant where technicians of ASG are engaged in the production of superconducting toroidal field coils for ITER. See all the videos published by Fusion 4 Energy.

ASG at the 2015 ITER Business Forum


ASG participated in the ITER Business Forum, the traditional appointment dedicated to all things fusion and which this year took place March 25-27 in Marseilles. Antonio Pellecchia [Sales and Marketing Director] gave a talk titled “Toroidal Field Coils Winding Packs or Poloidal Field Coils ...


ASG in Russia for a meeting on the NICA collider


In June, ASG Chief Executive Vincenzo Giori – along with company managers – met representatives of the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research in Russia. The meeting was focused on possible technological collaboration for the NICA project, which needs superconducting magnets. After ...