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Magnets for energy

Industry and companies operating in energy are increasingly interested in innovations that make use of superconducting technologies.

ASG Superconductors' technology and skills can also be applied in this sector, in particular to the transport and storage of energy.

ASG designs and realizes:
cryogen-free or liquid helium-cooled magnetic systems for Fault Current Limiters (FCL and SFCL). ASG - both directly and indirectly through its subsidiary ASG Power Systems LTD in the UK - is active in the design and production of falut current limiters utilized by "utilities" for the protection and stabilization of electrical grids. ASG Superconductors' FCL  can use both superconducting (LTC, MgB2, BSSCO) and standard technologies, depending on the specific needs of the grid or client

Coils and magnetic systems for Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) used to stabilize load fluctuations in electricity grids or to guarantee “power quality” in specific grid situations or in industrial applications. ASG can design and build SMES systems autonomously or in partnership, depending on the specific needs of the client.