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From research to industrial applications. ASG Superconductors designs and builds conventional and superconducting magnets for high-energy physics research, nuclear fusion, optimization of electricity grids and medical applications.

The company was established in 2001, following the privatization of the magnets unit of the Ansaldo industrial group. Today ASG is the world leader in terms of superconducting magnetic systems design, construction and testing capabilities.

The company's capabilities range from the design to the production and testing of superconducting magnets. ASG recently began diversifying its activities through its wholly owned units Paramed and Columbus Superconductors. In particular the company is broadening its reach into biomedical applications (diagnosis and therapy) and designing and developing magnetic systems for the energy industry (SMES, SFCL, wind turbines, energy transport systems).

Aware that it works in a highly specialized, continuously evolving industry, the company is committed to constantly increasing and developing its production capabilities and technical know-how. ASG Superconductors collaborates, in Italy and abroad, with the leading companies in the industry as well as with the main scientific research institutes and centers.

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