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Beginning with its discovery in 1911, superconductivity has pushed back the boundaries between the worlds of research and industry in fields including nuclear fusion, particle physics and in some areas with specific applications, including - for example - in energy transportation and storage, transportation and medical technology.

As it seeks to push the boundary back even further, ASG has continued to invest in training and in the professional advancement of its employees, who are highly specialized in the design of magnetic and superconductive systems, as well as in research and development of new products.

In particular, magnet design and the simulation of magnetic fields require a profound know-how of calculations of finite elements of magnetic forces and heat stresses on three-dimensional structures, calculations of magnetic fields, superconducting stability and quench evolution.

ASG's competence - which is enriched and maintained through a continuous dialog with research institutes, international institutions and companies - combined with the attitude of its technicians to dialog with and understand the world of research, mean the company is able to also carry out feasibility studies for specific needs, budget calculations and other study activities. Over the years, the company has furthermore developed particular experiences and expertise in the development of industrial applications that require the use or design of superconductive or resistive magnets.

For these reasons, for over half a century, many research institutes have asked to collaborate with ASG Superconductors and its technicians in order to merge design and production phases, imprinting a more industrial vision to those projects that require the use of superconductive technology.

This is why we can say that distinctive skills and continuous investments in Research and Development make ASG a highly technological company.