Magnets for Fusion


Toroidal Field Coils for JT-60SA

Naka (Japan), ongoing

JT-60SA is a fusion experiment designed to support the operation of ITER and to investigate how best to optimise the operation of fusion power plants that are built after ITER. It is a joint international research and development project involving Japan and Europe, and is to be built in Naka, Japan using infrastructure of the existing JT-60 Upgrade experiment. SA stands for "super advanced", since the experiment will have superconducting coils and study advanced modes of plasma operation. ENEA is in charge, following the agreement between Japan and Europe (Broader Approach 2007) of supplying, as an in kind contribution to the project, part of the toroidal field coils for the plasma confinement in the JT-60SA machine. This activity is shared between ENEA and CEA and is coordinated by Fusion for Energy (F4E) that is the Implementing Agency for the EU contributions to JT-60SA.
The Italian contribution to the project, managed by ENEA, involves ASG in the construction of 10 toroidal field coils, each consisting of a superconducting winding inside in the relative steel containment casing.

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