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ASG Superconductors: New 30 mln order for ITER project


ASG Superconductors: New 30 mln order for ITER project The Malacalza family company will be engineering integrator for the "poloidal" coils. The order is for the ITER project, which will demonstrate the feasibility of producing electrical energy through a process similar to that which takes place inside the stars. Another success that awards the know-how of a company that has grown thanks to tight-knit collaboration with research institutes like ENEA, INFN, CNR. Italian technicians will be working in Italy and France for the next six years. Genoa and La Spezia, October 9, 2013 - ASG Superconductors, a company owned by the Malacalza family active in high technology and superconductivity, won another order from the ITER international project. The contract, worth some 30 million euros, was assigned by F4E - Fusion 4 Energy - following an international bid contest and will last six years. The order calls for a series of activities related to project management, engineering and the coordination of supply and production work on four "poloidal" coils. ASG Superconductors engineers and technicians, after an initial study phase, will move to Cadarache - where work is underway for the construction of the fusion reactor - to work side by side with the researchers and other suppliers. The objective of ITER is to reproduce the nuclear fusion phenomenon that takes place in the sun and other stars. It is another important research project for "clean nuclear" energy that - unlike nuclear fission technology - minimizes all the problems related to waste and intrinsic reactor safety. The magnetic fields created by the coils are crucial in containing the plasma. ASG Superconductors Chief Executive Officer Enzo Giori, said: "The ITER project is increasingly tied to Italy. Our tight collaboration with the research world was, once again, a determining factor." "Today, thanks to the double order - one for ITER one for the Japanese JT-60SA assigned to us in 2012 - we have a strong order book. But we can't rest on our laurels. The development of new industrial application areas for our magnets, in particular I'm thinking of medicine and energy, is of vital, strategic importance." The Genoa-based company, "heir" to the prestigious Ansaldo tradition in superconductivity, over its 60 years of history has participated in all the main international projects in nuclear fusion and particle physics and - even after the 2001 privatization which saw the entrance of the Malacalza family - it continues to collaborate on a daily basis with research institutes nationally (ENEA, CNR, INFN) and internationally (CERN, KIT, FERMILAB). ASG Superconductors, a company owned by the Malacalza family with facilities in Genoa and La Spezia, designs and produces conventional and superconducting magnets for research in high-energy physics, nuclear fusion, optimization of electricity grids and medical applications. The company distinguishes itself internationally for its know-how in designing, building and testing superconducting magnetic systems. Aware that it operates in a highly specialized and continuously evolving sector, the company continues to invest in increasing and developing its productive capacity and technological know-how. ASG Superconductors collaborates, in Italy and abroad, with the principal players in the industry and with the leading international scientific research institutes and centers.


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