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Asg Superconductors Usa: the evolution of helium free MROpen MRI System at Rsna 2019


Genoa, ITALY - Morton Grove, ILLINOIS – USA, 2 December 2019 - ASG Superconductors is pleased to announce the new company name of its US subsidiary: Paramed Medical Systems Inc. has become ASG Superconductors USA Inc.

The new brand is an additional step in strengthening the link between the US Market and the Italian Parent Company, a leading superconducting technology company with more than 60 years of experience in research and industrial superconductive projects worldwide.

This year, at RSNA 2019 ASG Superconductors is showcasing MROpen EVO, the latest version of our helium free MRI system featuring a revolutionized operating software, a new digital spectrometer, new coils and new sequences.

MROpen EVO is about empowering patients by giving them the power to choose a different alternative and by offering them the best MRI experience. Since the magnet is wide open on top, in front and behind the patient, nobody is confined within the tight space of a conventional MRI anymore. Every patient is able to undergo an almost stress-free MRI examination and the multi position capabilities of our solution, allowing the patient to be scanned in the position of maximum symptoms, can also lead to a better diagnosis of certain pathologies. MRI scans can in fact be performed in a variety of positions: standing, sitting, bending or lying down.  

Furthermore, our unique and patented technology based on MgB2 wire allows “high-temperature superconductivity” and therefore a cryogen-free operation: in times of shortages and rising prices of liquid helium, refills become a memory of the past and the system is more environmentally friendly than any other superconductive MRI available on the market.

All these unique capabilities have been recognized by some of the largest imaging center operators in the world who decided to invest in our technology (i.e. American Health Imaging in US, Affidea, In Health and Alliance Medical in Europe).

Marco Belardinelli, CEO of ASG Superconductors USA Inc. said “2019 has been a very challenging and exciting year for us. Not only we added all these new features and capabilities to our system, we also completed three new installations in North America and already secured one more in early 2020. Come seeing us @ booth #8334 to discover what’s new and how we make the BEST MRI EXPERIENCE real!”


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