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DC power transmission superconducting cable technology: ASG signs Memorandum of Understanding with Chubu University


Genoa, Italy, July 7, 2021 - Chubu University and ASG Superconductors announce their joint signing a Memorandum of Understanding to expedite the development and promotion of superconducting cable technology for DC power transmission over long distances.

Towards a greener and more sustainable world, DC superconducting power transmission is expected to play a significant role in power grids, smart cities and green ports and all power-hungry areas and activities positively affected by an electrification, particularly when renewable energies will represent the vast majority of the power production. 

The energy transmission over long distances generally encounters environmental problems, both due to the large footprint of the lines, and to the heating of the soil due to energy dissipations. The superconducting technology allows to contain environmental impact (-10X material quantity and footprint) and presents no losses and reduces significantly the installation and operating costs.

Chubu University, supported by Japanese government and industries, has promoted development of superconducting DC transmission technologies for more than 15 years for implementation into society, included the construction and operation of the world’s longest class 1,000-m DC transmission line and 500-m line that demonstrate power transmission from a solar power plant to an internet data centre.

ASG, with 60 years of experience in the development of superconducting magnets and systems and devices for High Energy Physics, fusion energy and medical applications - MRI, is actively pursuing new applications of superconductivity with High Temperature Superconducting materials and MgB2 to achieve cost effective solution for industrial and power quality systems. 

Chubu University’s Prof Motojima declares “I strongly believe that by combining experiences, knowledge and on-going efforts at Chubu University with those at ASG, we can create, within a few years’ time, an innovation in a power grid system for a low carbon emission society. I expect that this collaboration of expertise and resources will produce a synergy that will result in the speedy and efficient development in achieving our goals that will benefit society on a global basis.”

This agreement is another important step to improve our positioning in developing innovative superconducting cable technology.” Said Sergio Frattini, ASG Superconductors CEO, “The fruitful collaboration with a prestigious and expert partner like Chubu University will put ASG in the best condition in order to explore and develop high temperature superconducting materials, wires and systems for green energy storage, transport and high energy consumption industrial processes.”

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